H.V Power Supply and Iconizer, the essential and absolute technique for air cleaners, air conditioning facilities and centilities, converts unclean and polluted air induced by worsening atmospheric pollution, residing environment threatended by pollution, factory production lines, construction sites, cooking rooms, hospitals etc. into clean air abundant with non-polluted oxygen and anion that os benficial to the human body.

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Electrostatic Precipitator
The poly stage electostatic precipitator is the equipment that collections

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Sejin Electronics here for use in duct collection admin room clearning

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E.P Cell
Sejin Electronics here for use in duct collection admin room clearning

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"Vision of sejin Electronics"

To become a perperually growing company with leading technologies and services while satisfying and building trust with our cusotmers partners by providing them with high values

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Sejin Electonics specializes in developing and producing H.V Power supply, electrostatic Percepitator (E/P), lonizer, Ozonizer collectier, etc. We make and supply products to our cusotmers in optimal environment and conditions by meeting their requirements from specialized ..

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Ozone projects the earth

Certain amounts of untraviolet rays from the sun harful to the human body are blocked by the ozone layer surrounding the earch

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OSI 9001 is an international convenant in regards to the quality management system made by ISO in 1987.
Sejin electronics acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 2006.