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1. We should make 『appropriate initial response』 to customers by providing high quality products and services while maintaining 『good mutual relationship』 with them.
2. We should build 『sincerity and faith』 with customers by understanding and satisfying their requirements and meeting the date of delivery.
3. By building a 『quality management system』 , all the management and staff should practice quality activities for appropriately responding to the quickly changing market and constantly improving products and services.


4. We, the management & staff of sejin elctronics are fully committed to provide products, 『system & services of the highest quality』 and standards through continuous improvement & innovation and with prompt delivery, leading technology and competitive price to meet total customers satisfaction and regulatory requirement.

Total Customer Satisfaction

This quality policy represents our resolution for the customer-centered management policy by which we will constantly endeavor to improve our quality management system to satisfy customers.