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Basic Policy (Information Security)

1. All organizational and technical measures should be taken into consideration to surely protect company information asset.
2. We should conform to the laws and internal regulations about information asset and contractual security requirements.
3. Training classes about the importance of information security should regularly be held for all company directors and staff and suppliers’ staff who use company information asset and this policy should be notified to all of them.
4. Information security management systems should regularly be evaluated and constantly improved while training the system management staff about company security rules.

Environment Policy

1. In providing our customers with facility systems, we should make an effort for saving resources, energy and environmental loads while meeting their specification requirements.
2. We should try our best for the environment so as not to be contaminated by the activities of construction projects and the operation of project offices.
3. We should conform to the environment related rules and regulations and other requirements our company has agreed to.
4. We should continue to evaluate the yearly plan and performance for our effort for the improvement of the environment.