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ⓐ Main usage of electrostatic precipitator

We can propose electronic dust collector with deodorization function to meet the requirements and usage in terms of the size of dust and chemical substances and the substance, amount,temperature, and humidity of stench included in the air or gas.

All sorts of boiler

  • Coal-fired boiler
  • Oli-fired boiler
  • Exhaust control boiler

All sorts of trash burner

  • Rotary trash burner
  • Roster trash burner
  • Flowing trash burner
  • Stationary trash burner

All sorts of Industrial plants

  • Steel industry
  • Generation of electric power
  • Making device
  • Cement plants
  • Chemical industry


  • Restaurant
  • Deodorization Environment in the factory
  • Oscilation equipment
  • Environment in the factory
  • Trash burner

ⓑ Main usage of each kind of electronic dust collectorProduct Types According to Usage

  - Machinery PLant: collecting oil mist occurring in machine tool, tempering factory, and anti-corrosive oil and spray process
  - Welding Plant: collecting large amount of white fumes occurring during arc or CO2 welding.
  - Synthetic Resin Plant: producing sysnthetic leather, monorium, and wall papers by foaming D.O.P
  - Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Paper Plants, Aluminum Plants, Sponge Iron Plants
  - Air Cleaning Facility: facilities requiring precise cleanness including bacterial culture room, medical room, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, and clean room
  - Various Kinds of Mist: collecting cleaning tower fumes, tar mist, oil mist, and oleic acid mist
  - Incinerator: incandescent dust collecting places including incinerators of urban dust, industrial wastes, wood pieces, radioactive material
  - Other Places: collecting various dust, fumes, mist from ceramic factory and chemical factory

ⓒ Efficacy of Clean Air

 - Solving the problems of employees smoking in the offices Provides a clean office environment where smokers and non-smokers can co-exist.
  - Keeping your health from the floating particles created from cigarette smoke and dust Environmental problems including air pollution is on the rise seriously. After wiping the inside of a home or office with a dustcloth, we often find it to have become black due to the contaminated air or dust coming from outside. Sejin Air Cleaner provides you with clean and fresh indoor environment by collecting up to 99.9% of minute particles released from urban dust or diesel engines.
  - Antibacterial effect
Viruses floating in the air do not pile up like dust but are distributed in the air. Air Cleaner helps make healthy, fresh, clean environment by collecting those minute particles.
  - Solution for a stenchy house
People feel uncomfortable and disgusted when their noses are stimulated by stenchy substances including hydrogen sulfide, amines, aldehydes and phenols floating in the air. Deodorizing-Functional Air Cleaner turns stenchy molecules into odorless ones through the powerful triple deodorization.
Due to its high capability of deodorization, various stenches can be processed and its effect can be maintained for a long time.
  - Preventing indoor contaminations
The size of 99% of the dust particles floating indoors is less than 1μm. These particles do not fallon the floor but float in the air until they are attached to the surface of something like ceilings, walls and curtains. Air Cleaner prevents walls or funiture from turning yellow and removes contamination substances.

ⓓ Special design features

  - Model ESPs to ensure proper gas distribution inside ESP
  - Rigid Multi spike Discharge electrode for steady corona generation & ideal for high dust.
  - Penthouse design ESP, to ease maintenance under all weather condition
  - Sigma profile Collecting electrode ensuring rigidity & quiescent zone to minimize re-entrainment
  - Pressurized air heating system to optimize operating power consumption & enhance longevity of insulators