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Electrostatic Precipitator

1. What is the Poly Stage Electrostatic Precipitator?

The poly stage electrostatic precipitator is the equipment that collects dust using electrostatic method of electric field by corona discharge of direct current high voltage.

stage types. The single stage type is the combination of the discharge and collecting cells and often called Cottrell type. In the double stage type, however, the discharge and collecting cells are separated and this type of dust collector is used mainly in industries where dust level is low and also as air-purifiers.

The poly stage electrostatic precipitator isoperated at direct current high voltage of DC 10~12KV and DC 5~12KV. Below picture and chart shows the double stage type, which has been designed to fit for industrial and air-purifying purpose in this country and widely utilized.

2. Fundamentals and Structure of the Electronic Dust Collector

Electronic Dust Collector

Generally, the collecting of dust is made possible by the electrical strengths acting within the electrical dust collector. Relevant electrical strengths include.

- Clulomb stength by electrons of electric particles

- Strength made by the electric field

- Absorption force between particles

The electric charge of the electric is indicated as q=Neo, electric field strength of the collecting cell,EP, absorbed clulomb strengthF1 F1=q.Ep=NeoEp.These may be described as the following

- Pre Filter: It removes larger particles.

- Ionizer low electrode: It ionizes the corona discharge between ionized pole ground plate by direct current high voltage of 10~12KV.

- collector Pole: It generates direct current high voltage of 5~6KV between dustcollecting plates placed with intervals to absorb dust.

- After Filter: It absorbs dust finally and prevents or slows down its escape.

- Blower: It has various sizes and speeds depending on the elements and processing wind speed of the dust collecting sources.

2. Fundamentals and Structure of the Electronic Dust Collector

The decisive factor for the performance of electronic dust collector is the optimal and stable discharge for dust varying in several forms. In that respect, the power pack and ionizer are important components of electronic dust collector and since they have been developed with our own technology, we can improve and and maintain them more efficiently than other companies.

ⓐ Incredible Dust Collecting Power

With its unique structure for powerfully collecting dust, our electronic dust collector can form uniform electric field. So the dust charged with powerful electricty is steadily and efficiently collected on the collecting electrode. Also, since the electric field is formed in the fluid direction, even the dust weak to charged electricity is naturally collected on the collecting electrode with the flow of gas. Because of that, its dust collecting efficiency is as high as that of the back filter method.

ⓑ Excellent Deodorization Effect

With it strong dust collecting power, electronic dust collector has excellent deodorization effect.

[Deodorization Mechanism]

- Electronic dust collector collects stench causing particles charged with electricity.

- Electronic dust collector generates ozone particles by corona discharge.

Ozone particles which is originally instable substance couple with stench containing oxygen atoms to become O2, which results in disintegration of stench and deodorization.

- In addition to deodorization effect, the ozone particles generated by electronic dust collector have powerful sterilization effect.

[Main Advantage]

- In traditional deodorization devices, rare metal such as platinum is used as catalyst and fossil fuel is used in combustion type devices. So their high operation cost has been a heavy burden. Meanwhile, electronic dust collector which is tantamount to those devices can be operated with very low cost for electricity. (The facility can be set up with only operation fund for years.)

Please consult with us for any further questions.

ⓒ Compact Volume Capacity
- The stay distance of the unique dust collecting device is 1/2 to 1/3 of that of the traditional method (horizaontal flow method) so its size can become miniaturized. (Depending on the usage, traditional type device can be proposed.)
- Accordingly, the dust collecting efficiency of an existing dust collecting device can be increased through its internal remodeling.

ⓓ Advantageous Operation Cost
- Using electronic dust collector, its operation cost is no concern comparing to the back filter.
There is no cost for filter replacement and induced draft fan needed for high-speed flow.
- Employing auto voltage control device results in efficient power consumption and minimized damage to the product.
- Realizing high-efficiency and low power consumption lighten users' financial burden.
- High efficiency of collecting dust can be maintained even in use.

ⓔ Completed After-Sales Service and Simple Maintenance Check-up
- It's our responsibility to maintain, improve, investigate, diagnose electronic dust collector to maintain its performance after we sell it.
- Structurally, electronic dust collector can be checked only throughdirection lamps from outside. Our engineers will respond immediately to any occurrences of trouble.

ⓕ Disintegration of Fine Dust
- Since the method of adsorbing dust or smoke particles after charging them with high voltage is used, even fine particles which can't be filtered through filters can be filtered.
(Example: pollen, mold spore, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus)

ⓖ Enhanced Security
- Security has been enhanced by employing a protection functioin in the high-voltage electric charge area.

4. Improved Technology for the Optimal Dust Collecting Effect

ⓐ Ionization of Dust
- Appropriate design structure developed from the precise analysis of particles with error

ⓑ Prevention of Reentrainment
- know-how to approriately place and clean the dust collecting electrode and the discharge electrode

ⓒ Uniform Distribution of Gas
- Design structure to uniformly distribute gas based on the test by scale model

ⓓ Charging Technology
- Control system optimal for the change of voltage pulse and current value

5 Air Cleaning Principle of Electronic Air Cleaner

- Large dust particles are first removed by the Pre-filter - The particles are ionized becoming (+) and (-) charges in the ion part of the cellv
- The ionized particles are adsorbed to the precipitator part.
- Odor molecules are adsorbed or disintegrated by the activated carbon filter or the deodorization unit and clean air is supplied to the room.
- The cell contaminated with collected minute particles is reused after regularly washing it.

Structure of Electronic Dust Collector]

[Clean Technology]


Electronic air cleaner Step 1

Free electrons accelerated by the discharge electrode collide one by one with minute particles penetrated into the static electric field. The electrons are separated from the particles and ionized becoming (+) charge at neutral status.


Electronic air cleaner Step 2

The positive-charged particles separated from the free electrons are adsorbed to the negative dust collecting electrode. Among those, there are negative ionized particles and they are adsorbed to thepositive electrode plate.